Life. Together.

We have a wide range of adult Life Groups to meet the needs of diverse ages, interests and life-stages.
These groups meet on Sunday mornings at 8:00, 9:00, and 10:30. Here is a list of our current LifeGroups.  
It is the mission of our Life Groups to reach and engage our community, teach members to observe all things whatsoever Christ commanded, minister to the needs of our members/guests and grow the church.  Being connected in an engaging and evangelistic focused LifeGroup can be life changing.  Come and see what one of these groups can do for you and what you can do for the Kingdom’s sake through it.  It's simple to connect.
You can go to Design My Visit or stop by our Welcome Center.  We will customize your visit based on you
and/or your family’s needs and interests.
Current LifeGroups
8:00 am
101                  Jim Edwards            Co-Ed -Sr. Adult                 70+  
111                  Jay Cook               Co-Ed - Upper Median       65+  

9:00 am
101                  Shepard                        Young Families       30-45      
103                  Steelman/Veazey            Co-Ed                  25-40        
105                  Veazey                                   Co-Ed                   55+                      
107                 Wagnon                     Multi-Generation    35+
108                  Lenderman/Williams   Co-Ed                   25-35      
109                  Davis/House                     Co-Ed                   35-45        
110                  Smith/Huitt                       Ladies                   40-55+
111                  Jeffers                                   Co-Ed                   55+                      
215                  Bell                                          Co-Ed                   25-35    
219                  Tarvin/Tripp              Single Moms    
CC                   Tompkins        Nearly/Newly Married   20’s+
Choir              Carney                                    Co-Ed                  35+
FH                    Boroughs                            Co-Ed                   35-50+
WH                 Watkins                              College          

10:30 am
101                  Whitmire                              Co-Ed                60+    
103                  H. Smith/McCain            Co-Ed                60+    
105                  Eberhart/Hyland            Co-Ed                55+        
107                  Huckabee/Woodruff   Co-Ed                 35+  
109                  Smith/Jones                      Co-Ed                 65+
110                  Horn                                      Ladies                 60+
111                  Verser                                   Ladies                 65+