Life. Together.

It is the mission of our adult LifeGroups to teach members to observe all things whatsoever Christ commanded and reach and engage our community for Christ together. Most LifeGroups previously meet on Sunday mornings at 8:30AM and 11:00AM, with childcare available for the 11:00AM hour. A variety of LifeGroups are available to meet the needs of adults of all ages, interests and life stages.  Below, is a list of our current LifeGroups.

Being connected in an engaging and evangelistic-focused LifeGroup can be life-changing!  We'd love to help you find a group that meets your needs.  You can go to "Design My Visit" or stop by our Welcome Center in The Commons area outside the Worship Center. We can customize a LifeGroup visit based on the needs of you & your family. 
Current LifeGroups
Sunday Mornings @ 8:30 AM - NOT CURRENTLY MEETING
101                          Coed Sr Adult 65+                                     Jay Cook
103/105              Coed Sr Adult 70+                                     Jim Edwards
107                          Coed Sr Adult 70+                                     Hansel Veazey
109                          Coed Sr Adult 70+                                     Jim Smith/ Jerry Jones
 111                         Ladies Sr Adult 65+                                   Gay Horn

Sunday Mornings @ 11:00AM - NOT CURRENTLY MEETING
101                          Coed Adult 45+                                          Don Woodruff/ Sandy Huckabee
103/105               Young Families                                            Roger Lenderman/ Josh Williams
107                          Coed Adult 35+                                          David Wagnon
108                          Coed Sr Adult 65+                                    Dennis Whitmire
109                          Coed Adult 50+                                          Mike Davis/ Ron House
110                          College                                                              Keith & Mandy Watkins
111                          Young Famlies                                              Greg Bell
210 Real Student MinistryVarious Leaders
215                          Coed Adult 40+                                          Brian Boroughs
219                          Single Moms                                                  Sally Tarvin/ Christy Tripp
Library                   Ladies                                                                 Kathy Smith/ Barbara Huitt
CommonsCup Nearly/Newly Married                           Tommy & Tammy Tompkins
Choir Room       Worship Arts                                                 John Carney

Temporary/ Alternate Times LifeGroups
Room 111           Coed 35+/ AM Sunday Servers       Jerry Shepard            5:00 PM Sunday
Room 111           Coed Adult 55+                                          Eberhart/ Hyland    6:30 PM Monday
Room 210           Coed Adults 55+                                        David Jefffers            5:30 PM every other Wednesday
103/105               Coed Sr Adult 65+                                    Smith/ McCain        10:00 AM Wednesday
Virtual                    Ladies Sr Adult 75+                                  Lydia Verser